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01 Agreement

This business agreement (“Agreement”) is made by and between MARZDEN INCORPORATED, a Republic of the Philippines registered company (DTI BUSINESS NUMBER) (Also referred as “Marzden”), and the company / person specified in Appendix 1 (the “Client”), dated at the date specified in Appendix 1 (the “Date of Commencement”). The following terms and conditions apply to this Agreement:


02 Quotation

  1. All prices are quoted based on per unit cost.
  2. Prices quoted for apparel includes the cost of selected fabric, accessories & trims (Buttons, zippers etc.), cut and sew of garments, pre-shrunk wash, normal clear poly bag packaging and wash care labels.
  3. A final quotation for each design will be given after the final sample is completed.
  4. The final quotation is valid for 14 days. Quotation is not inclusive of any custom brand labels & tags, custom packaging, shipping charges, duties and any other taxes.


03 Minimum Order Quantites

  1. Our MOQs for garments / styles are as followed:
Category Minimum order per colour per design
Womenswear 100 pieces
Menswear 100 pieces
Kidswear 100 pieces
Sportswear/Swimwear 100 pieces
Denim 100 pieces
Knit 100 pieces
Headwear 100 pieces
  1. Each order must meet the total order quantity requirement of a minimum of 500 pieces or more.
  2. For reorders, the minimum order requirement is 1 colour per style and 100 pieces per colour.
  3. Do note that there are different MOQs requirements for certain fabrics, trims, ribbing, tapes, buttons, zippers, printing, dyeing, washing processes, embroidery, labels, tags and accessories that will differ from supplier to supplier. If in doubt, please kindly enquire with your sales manager.
  4. Any unused fabric can only be stored for a maximum period of 3 months, after which the fabric will be disposed of.


03 Sampling and Sourcing Charges

  1. Garment sample charges starts from PHP 400 per style (please refer to appendix 1.2 for the sample price list for each category).
  2. Garment sample charges consist of consultation, tech pack development, pattern making, size grading, purchase of sample fabrics and trims and the cut and sew of 1 piece of the sample.
  3. Garment sample charges are also inclusive of 1 round of alterations/resamples of garments only.
  4. Do note that there will be resample charges for printing, embroidery, packaging, notion and trims and it will be charged at the first sample cost.
  5. Additional rounds of garment resamples after the 1stresample will be chargeable at half of the original sample cost.
  6. Garment resample charges are non refundable
  7. Samples for print, embroidery, custom notions and trims are a separate chargefrom the garment sample charges.
  8. For resample of print, embroidery, custom notions and trims due to no fault of Marzden Incorporated, do note that the sample charges will be billed again.
  9. Our standard practice for sampling is 1 piece per style but if there are requirements for samples for every size or colour or in the instance where the samples of the same style are to be made in different fabrics, these samples charges will be based on half of the original garment and the print/embroidery sample cost. These additional sample fees are separate costs from the cost of mass production and are not eligible for refunds.
  10. Pre-production and salesman samples can be provided for free if the fabric for bulk ordered has been ordered and paid. Free sales samples are limited to 1 piece per style.
  11. Halfof the first garment sample charges can be rebated once the bulk order that has met the minimum order requirements is placed.
  12. The garment sample fees can be rebatedin full if an order of 300 piecesof the sampled design is ordered in 1 colour.
  13. Rebates of garment sample charges will be credited towards the balance payment of the production.
  14. For print and embroidery samples, the sample charges are PHP 500-PHP 1000 per print (depending on type of print, no of colours and complexity of print) and the sample fee can be rebated if 800 pieces / 800 meters of the same print is ordered.
  15. For lab dip or custom dye, the sample fee can be rebated if 800 pieces / 800 meters of the dyed colour is ordered. Lab dib sample costs is PHP 1200per colour per fabric.
  16. For hot glue sequins, custom lace or crochet patterns, zipper heads there are certain MOQs to be achieved. Otherwise, it’s advisable to use similar stock options for your requirements.
  17. We require all 1stsamples to be sent back to our factory before we start production as the reference.
  18. Sourcing of fabrics, trims, accessories and other miscellaneous items charges are:

PHP 800 per request (Up to 10 options)
PHP 1000 per request (11-20 options)
PHP 1500 per request (21-30 options)